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Football coach signing to a deaf player

Deaf football is for people with different levels and types of hearing loss. However for many grassroots deaf players, their regular dose of competitive football comes in the form of  a mainstream or pan disability team, rather than a team for exclusively deaf players.

However there are many reasons why choosing an exclusively deaf team may prove to be a wise choice.


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Aside from the positive social and shared aspects of playing together, the focus of deaf specific coaching and use of preferred communication methods for the entire team is arguably more effective for a player’s development than if they were  playing for a mainstream or pan disability team that did not use such techniques or make deaf specific adaptions.


At a team level or non competitive level, deaf players may wear their hearing aids and implants as normal. But for official deaf-specific competitions (which stipulate a minimum level of hearing loss)  players may be required to remove them in order to level out any differences.

Deaf specific football and futsal continues to grow in popularity and we hope that you are able to find the right team near you.